Did you Know:

80% of the population is wearing the WRONG shoe! The wrong shoe (size, style, type, or category) can increase your potential for injury, or worse—aggravate the one you already have. At Tortoise & Hare Sports, getting the right shoe is essential to pursing a healthy and active lifestyle. We have pioneered the 5 Point Fit Process to help our customers get the right shoe.

1.) Personal Profile

We will take a detailed personal history: past exercise experience, injury issues, future goals, etc. to develop your personal profile and access your needs.



2.) Gait Analysis

Next we will watch you move. The body in motion tells us a lot about how much support your foot and body will need to keep you exercising healthfully.



3.) Foot Measurement

We then record all the key measurements of your foot. The three ratios we measure are total foot length, foot width, and arch length. These three key factors will determine your shoe size, as well as what shape of shoe will best fit your foot.


4.) Shoe Selection

We will bring out the shoes we think will work best for your foot and gait needs. After ensuring proper fit, we will use this one shoe as a test for your use on our treadmill.



5.) Form Analysis

Proper running form is the single most-important aspect to healthy running and walking. Using our Video Form Analysis system, a Tortoise & Hare Sports team member will record you walking and running on one of our treadmills. We will play back this video to raise your awareness about your running form as well as how the shoe is working with your foot. With this video footage, we assess many factors in your form and running gait, including: footstrike, body positioning, cadence, degree of pronation. These assessments help us recommend the perfect shoe for your needs.


Our Commitment to Service.

Our 5 Point Fit Process is provided free of charge for all Tortoise & Hare Sports customers who are interested in purchasing a pair of shoes at our store. Simply visit us, and any one of our highly-trained and knowledgeable team members will make sure we find the perfect shoe for you! You can also call us and make a personal appointment in advance of your arrival at a time that is convenient for you. For contact information and store hours, click here.