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The Tortoise & Hare Kid’s Run Club is a 8 week running program  designed to help your kids love to run. We’ll focus on proper running form and practice current techniques in run training. We’ll also cover pacing, goal setting, and dynamic stretching, in addition to working with your child to help begin the journey of discovering her or his potential.   This Session is sponsored by New Balance and Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue.

This program meets twice each week for an hour, includes one time trial and one race and Pancake Breakfast Run.


Dates:  January 22, 2018 – March 14, 2018

Time: Mondays & Wednesdays from 6:00PM-7:00PM

Location: Rio Vista Park and Sunrise Mountain High School Track

Includes: 8 Weeks of training coached by experienced coaches, one time trial, one race,  Official Kid’s Run Club T-Shirt, A $65 credit towards New Balance youth running shoes (valued at $65), Kids Run Club Water Bottle, End of season party.

Cost: $110 (new members or existing members includes t-shirt, water bottle, and 1 pair of NB youth shoes)

Past participants:  $100 (Includes 1 pair of NB youth shoes)

Age Range: 2nd-8th grade

Informational meeting: January 22 at 6:00PM at Tortoise and Hare Sports

January 24: First Practice:  at 6:00PM at Rio Vista Park

February 10:  Dobie Dash at 8AM

February 21:  Time trial at Rio Vista Park at 6PM

March 10:  6:30AM:  Pancake Run at Tortoise and Hare Sports (Kids Run Club Party after Run)

March 14:  6PM, last day of practice

Commonly asked Questions:

  1. If my child is not yet in 2nd grade can she participate?  Yes, if she has been running and enjoys running.
  2. What if my child can’t make it to every practice or event?  That is ok, we would like your child(ren) to participate as much as possible, life happens and we understand that, so if your child cant attend a couple of practices no biggie.
  3. What happens if there is inclimate weather?  One of the coaches will notify parents if practice will take place via email and facebook.
  4. How do I get my child their shoes?  On Monday January 22 at 6PM, parents will attend info meeting at Tortoise and Hare Sports where they will receive a Kids Run Club Packet with a calendar of events, Q&A Sheet, and gift card with $65 to purchase shoes.
  5. What if my child has an adult shoe size?  No problemo!  You can use the $65 gift card towards an adult shoe and will need to pay the difference.
  6. When is the best time to get my child(ren) fitted for shoes?  It will take about 30-45 minutes for your child to be properly fitted for a pair of shoes.  We are open 7 days a week and will fit your child(ren) during our hours of operation.
  7. Does my child need to be an expereinced runner?  No experience, no problem! We want to help your kids set goals, encourage themselves and others, and build a positive enviornment for them to grow.
  8. I went to sign up on Eventbrite and there is a fee?  Yes, Eventbrite charges $1.99 per ticket plus 2.5% of ticket cost, this is not a fee that we can waive.
  9. Who do I give my race waiver to?  Please give your race waivers to your coaches, they will give you additional instructions.
  10. What are the distances my child will be running?  1-3 miles
  11. Do parents need to stay for the practices?  No, parents do not need to stay for the practices, but if you would like to stay and cheer on your child we are happy to have you!!