Good Form Running – Testimonials

“This was an excellent class!” –Karen F.

“What a terrific class this was! Keep up the great work!” –Rick K.

“Thank you for providing this service. I have already referred other people to your class.” –Ann K.

“Nathan was an excellent teacher. He made the whole concept of GFR very approachable and enjoyable. His enthusiasm for running and the class was infectious! Thank you for providing this service!!!” –Amy B.

“Wow! Thank you Nathan for a really great class. You’re a great teacher! This class has given me a lot of hope. I was clueless about how I ran and what a better way would look like. I got home and ran a little with my dog to try out what I learned and came back with LESS knee pain than when I started the run! Maybe I can be a runner after all. I read the Four simple steps to good form and thought I understood how to apply it to myself, but it was really important for me to try the clinic. Super clinic! Powerful information! Thanks a million.” –Renee C.

“I was stunned to see that I’m still striking my heel, even though I didn’t think I did. I was amazed at the video — barefoot and with shoes. This will be a HUGE help. My husband learned a lot from the cadence and can’t wait to start running with a higher cadence. Nathan was fantastic. Great teaching style and very personable. We will probably sign up for the Level 2 after a month or so of running with our new knowledge!” –Laura F.

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